Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When a flat roof is not regularly maintained it may cost far more in maintenance over time

This article made me think about the long term health of your roof... 
Articles Ezines » Advantages and disadvantages most typically associated with flat roofing
RoofConnect is a strong believer in proper maintenance of your roof portfolio to gain the absolute most in the return on investment over the life of each roof.

Our preventive maintenance program will extend and maximize the life of your roof, save money on overall roof maintenance, while adhering to manufacturer warranty requirements. Our members maintain warranty certification expertise.
One phone call offers a seamless client experience to solve your roofing needs. With one phone call, RoofConnect customer service establishes:

  • Work order entry and dispatch
  • ETA response to customer provided by RoofConnect Customer Service Team
  • Work is performed on site per customer requirement(s)
  • Work Summary Report/Follow up with customer
  • Invoice from RoofConnect to customer
  • All work order history is housed in a database for customer visibility

Do you have a maintenance program in place for your roofs?

Request an evaluation of your roofs today:

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