Monday, April 1, 2013

Roof Replacement Strategies - When, Why and How

Roof Replacement Strategies: When, Why and How

To replace or rehab? That is the (roofing) question.

So how does a facility manager know that it's time to consider replacement? And what kind of research is needed to yield the best options for a new or rehabbed roof?

You will find answers to these questions along with a step-by-step strategy to evaluate your existing roof's status, and understand the various roofing options available to you.

Learn about roof types and systems, up-front and long-term costs, ease of installation, durability and expected lifespan, and maintenance requirements and other factors that should be considered before choosing a replacement roof system.

At the conclusion of the webcast you will be a roof-replacement expert with the ability to:
  • Evaluate your current roof to determine if replacement is immediately necessary
  • Identify the various roof types and systems, and which are optimal for your facility
  • Review roof replacement cost, installation and maintenance factors
  • Establish code compliance and roof system compatibility with an existing structure with a roof investigation

Can't attend? This exclusive webcast will be available on-demand after April 11.

For those attendees who successfully complete a learning outcomes assessment, Trade Press Media Group is authorized by IACET to offer 0.1 CEUs for this program.

Note: Interactive question and answer session and IACET-certification eligibility only available to participants of live webcast.
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