Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby packed a punch! Keep an eye on your roof!

Tropical Storm Debby packed a punch!  

And it looks as if she will continue to do so for a few days now.
NASA - Hurricane Season 2012: Tropical Storm Debby (Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean Sea)

RoofConnect would like to suggest that once the storms have passed that you check on the vitality of your roof - even if the storm didn't cause any noticeable leaks…yet.

Roof damage can lead to extensive and expensive repairs if not addressed early.  If you or your facility maintenance crew feel comfortable, you should conduct a visual inspection after the storm has passed. Things to look for:

Debris blown onto the roof
Equipment blown from other areas of the roof that needs to be placed back
Clogged drains and Ponding Water
Obvious damage to the roof
Voids in any of the membrane laps

A helpful roof evaluation checklist can be found at the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety's web site: http://disastersafety.org/hurricane/evaluating-the-roof/

Be sure to schedule a site visit with a local, licensed and reputable roofing contractor, like RoofConnect, to confirm that your roof will to continue to perform and was not severely damaged via the storm.  

As always, RoofConnect can help in an emergency…Before, during and after the storm:

Safety is always first and foremost. 
We will conduct a thorough roof inspection and adhere to the specific manufacturer requirements.  
A proper plan is executed with you to meet specific needs at each site.  
All federal and local guidelines must be followed to protect all personnel before entering the disaster zone and while on site. 
Proper documentation is always provided at project close out.
Our work and materials meet the standards of insurance coverage claims. 

To schedule an evaluation of your roof, call 24/7/365 877-942-5613 or visit http://www.roofconnect.com/request-a-roof-evaluation.html

One Call One Answer

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When a flat roof is not regularly maintained it may cost far more in maintenance over time

This article made me think about the long term health of your roof... 
Articles Ezines » Advantages and disadvantages most typically associated with flat roofing
RoofConnect is a strong believer in proper maintenance of your roof portfolio to gain the absolute most in the return on investment over the life of each roof.


Our preventive maintenance program will extend and maximize the life of your roof, save money on overall roof maintenance, while adhering to manufacturer warranty requirements. Our members maintain warranty certification expertise.
One phone call offers a seamless client experience to solve your roofing needs. With one phone call, RoofConnect customer service establishes:

  • Work order entry and dispatch
  • ETA response to customer provided by RoofConnect Customer Service Team
  • Work is performed on site per customer requirement(s)
  • Work Summary Report/Follow up with customer
  • Invoice from RoofConnect to customer
  • All work order history is housed in a database for customer visibility

Do you have a maintenance program in place for your roofs?

Request an evaluation of your roofs today: http://www.roofconnect.com/request-a-roof-evaluation.html

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Severe weather hit Texas and many parts of the country yesterday

Roof Connect has service locations throughout Texas. We are here for you and can help evaluate any potential hail damage to your commercial roofs.

RoofConnect can inspect your roof for potential hail damage from recent storms.

It is important to identify damage from a hail storm quickly to ensure payment from your insurance providers. RoofConnect will provide pictures and estimates of any damage to your roof to properly and quickly report to your insurance company. RoofConnect will make temporary repairs on all leaks and do everything possible to keep the
inside of your building dry. Call us today to schedule an evaluation of your roofs.

Things to know and remember after a possible hail storm:
• Hail stones fracture the roofing membrane and create potential leaks throughout the roof.
• Hail is not covered as a warranty item, but can be covered by insurance with an official roofing assessment.
• Unlicensed contractors and storm chasers often charge too much for substandard repairs and assessments - which can potentially void your roof warranty!

RoofConnect Provides:
• Licensed professional technicians that can give an accurate and timely assessment of the roof.
• Manufacturer approved repairs and effective plans for leak prevention.
• Seamless interfacing with insurance companies for claims.

RoofConnect SWAT - Severe Weather Assessment Team

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