Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Inspect your Roof for Storm Damage

Torrential rain, gusting winds and heavy snow accumulation are expected to continue through the week. Maintaining our Commitment to Service, please find below our SWAT customer emergency response information for you to distribute to proper personnel and post with your company’s emergency documents.

As a part of our “SWAT - Emergency First Response List”, we want to assure you that RoofConnect is equipped with the manpower, supplies and resources to meet your needs should emergency leak response be required as a result of these storms. Our experience, resources and guaranteed fair pricing will help to get your buildings in-the-dry as quickly as possible.

Inspect your roof for potential hail and high wind damage from recent storms:

For your convenience, our emergency service contact information for you to post where necessary:
24/7/365 Emergency Line
RoofConnect Customer Service
Office: 877-942-5613
Cell: 870-941-8425

The RoofConnect Team is always on standby and only a phone call away. In the event of any storm damage we will work with you to solve your emergency quickly; our work and materials exceed the standards of insurance coverage claims.

You can rest assured that we will continually monitor storm strength and movement throughout the weekend. After these storms have passed, and as soon as it's safe, take time to visually examine your roofs. RoofConnect has the manpower to aid you in properly assessing any damage, and offer unbiased recommendations for temporary and long term roof repairs or roof replacement.

Hoping you stay safe and dry!

RoofConnect, Liz Cleveland